Hans-Michael Thiede, MD

Hans-Michael Thiede’s scientific career started at Schering AG in Berlin where he built a significant knowledge base in toxicology and neuropharmacology during the 1970s and laid the groundwork for his bioanalytical skills with basic studies regarding catecholamine metabolism. At the Benjamin-Franklin-Klinikum of the Free University of Berlin from 1981 to 1991, he acquired extensive clinical experience in internal medicine particularly in nephrology and cardiovascular diseases and scientific expertise as the head of the catecholamine laboratory in establishing a number of bioanalytical innovations and in investigating the role of catecholamine metabolism in essential hypertension.

Based on his bioanalytical skills Hans-Michael Thiede developed a number of highly sensitive methods for the measurement of efficacy determining active ingredients of plants in biological fluids and tissues and carried out bioavailability studies of flavonoids in collaboration with several biotech and pharma companies. This work was continued at Thanares GmbH which he founded in Dresden in 2001 and which he, later on, moved to Potsdam in 2007.

Wolfgang Kehr, MD, PhD

Prof. Kehr gained more than 35 years of experience in leading positions in research, development, marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry both in the US and Europe. At Schering AG he was in charge of global research of the pharmaceutical division and later headed the strategic business unit oncology and dermatology. At Berlex Laboratories, Inc. he was Vice President of Business Development and later General Manager of the Therapeutics Business (cardiovascular and CNS business). In his last position at Schering AG, he was heading the dermatology unit which was spun out in 2005 as Intendis GmbH with Dr. Kehr as President and CEO. He was the driving force in the spin-out process. At present Dr. Kehr is managing director of epinamics GmbH, a Berlin-based start-up company focused on dermal and transdermal formulation technologies. He has gained deep market knowledge and has established a valuable network in the pharmaceutical world that enables Thanares to get access to potential development and marketing partners.