Thanares GmbH Awarded US-Patent for Novel Preparations of Tartary Buckwheat with Health Benefits

Potsdam -- 29.05.2017 Thanares GmbH, the R&D biotechnology company in the field of phytochemicals, announced the issue by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April. 11, 2017 of a new patent about its novel preparation of tartary buckwheat.

The patent, US 9,615,600, on an invention by Dr. Hans-Michael Thiede and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kehr, entitled ’’DIETETIC OR PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATION CONTAINING TARTARY BUCKWHEAT’’, includes claims covering the preparation method of a composition containing ground buckwheat and a protein solution, and its uses thereof. Corresponding EU patent is expected to be granted in July. 2017.

Consumption of the buckwheat preparation leads to generation of high quantities of 4-Methylcatechol (4-MC) by the gut’s microbiota. “4-MC is a potent stimulator of endogenous nerve growth factor (NGF) synthesis both in vitro and in vivo. Numerous studies demonstrated that 4-MC treatment could be useful for diabetic neuropathy.’’ said Dr. Hans-Michael Thiede, founder and managing director of Thanares GmbH. ,,Our invention provides a preparation method of tartary buckwheat with protein solution, yielding very high quantities of 4-MC formed from rutin. We believe, that the invention has benefits in human and veterinary medicine, including functional food. The preparation process is simple and the bioavailability of 4-MC is high.’’

 The company is currently actively involved in research collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes focused on neurodegenerative disorders.


Thanares GmbH prepares a patent on its newly discovered neurodegenerative disease biomarkers

Potsdam, 26.10.2016        The German biotech company Thanares ( will submit a patent application in 2016 for its recently discovered biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases. The novel biomarkers were discovered using HPLC-based analytic methods at Thanares` laboratories in Hermannswerder/Potsdam. In collaboration with health care professionals, Thanares aims to provide innovative disease detection methods that facilitate personalized treatment opportunities.